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Sheila Sharma.

Mobile Physiotherapy

Providing You with Physiotherapy at Home.


Sheila Sharma  is the main therapist on the team who can look after aged care and NDIS- National Disability Incentive Scheme clients be it at school, pool or in the home.

The Business started out of a necessity to fill a void seen where Dept of Veterans Affairs and Islamic women needed a female physio to see them in their homes.

Sheila's business is based on compassion, going the extra mile to obtain the best equipment for her clients, education, hands on treatment, using a variety of tools to treat holistically.


Sheila Shama Mobile Physiotherapist provides these medically supervised services to the patient at home:


  • Acupuncture

  • Electrotherapy (TENS, Ultrasound, Interferential)

  • Prescription of aids eg walking sticks etc

  • Rehabilitation

  • A holistic approach to other allied health professionals

  • Mindful Meditation

  • Soft Tissue Massage

  • Advice about aged care packages

  • And many other services  See more >>

Our Physiotherapy services cater for aged care and NDIS and include:
  • Massage and mobilization

  • Joint manipulation

  • Stretching

  • Corrective taping

  • Exercise therapy

Better Care Starts with You!

"I was referred to Sheila's mobile physio by Dad's Aged Care physio as he needed post-stroke rehabilitation. Sheila's enthusiasm, encouragement, professionalism has Dad standing again and talking of wheelchair trips instead of being bedridden, watching tv all day waiting for God. Thank you Sheila for helping Dad have something to live for and personal goals to achieve again. Beats octogenarian depression!”


Matthew Fowler

"I have witnessed Sheila working with her clients on a one to one basis. I was impressed by Sheila's caring and respectful behaviour towards her clients. She was attentive to their needs. Clear and concise with her instructions on how to do their exercises, get up after a fall or how to get into a comfortable position until help arrives. Sheila appeared to me to go beyond the standard physio treatment for her clients. She was on the floor doing practical demonstrations for her clients. Very impressive. Great work Sheila"


Lila Bate



“Sheila Sharma has helped me get through my knee replacement. I can't thank her enough for her encouragement and kindness.. If you need physio I can recommend Sheila....."

                                                              Sandra Handley


“Sheila Sharma is passionate about her job.
She is dedicated, capable and provides a fabulous service to the community by her attachments to aged care and her home visits to the disabled and elderly.
We have received positive feedback from patients who have been referred to her."


Hunts Ave Family Practice

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